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Noon Gold Core Earrings

Noon Gold Core Earrings

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The new core collection had arrived and we couldn't be more excited about this beautiful collection! each earring comes complete with adorable packaging that highlights the meaning behind each special stone.

ABALONE SHELL: Abalone shell is known to be very soothing & can be especially useful when working through emotional situations by bringing about a sense of calmness. 

AMETHYST: Amethyst is known to be a very calming stone. It has been said to work in the physical, emotional & spiritual planes to promote balance, peace & can help to eliminate impatience.

FRESH WATER PEARLS: Fresh water pearls are said to have the ability to help center oneself, bring about calmness & help connect with feminine energy. They have been known to promote truth, loyalty & integrity. 

CARNELIAN: Carnelian is said to be a stone of courage & creativity. It can help oneself promote individuality. Also being a protection stone, it is said to help guard one from fear, anger & jealousy.

TURQUOISE HOWLITE: Howlite has been known to be a great stress reliever. It can help calm an overactive mind by helping to reduce tension & anxiety. Howlite can be used to help encourage emotional freedom & bring about awareness.

GREEN ADVENTURINE: Green Adventurine is a heart chakra stone that has been known to aid in love relationships. It is said to have the ability to help release anxiety, relieve stress & promote prosperity.

ROSE QUARTZ:  Rose quartz, otherwise known as the “Love Stone” has been said to help open the heart chakra. This high energy stone can help to enhance unconditional love in all areas of life.

PYRITE: Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that has been said to enhance mental stability & intelligence. It has also been known to amplify creativity & memory along with bringing about good fortune.

JADE: Jade has been known to enhance inner peace, reflection & can bring about a sense of calmness in one’s mind. It can be useful in encouraging dreams & visions. It is also said to be a strong healing stone.

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