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Cire Trudon Eau De Parfum

Cire Trudon Eau De Parfum

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Aphélie stands out in a unique manner : like an aphelion - the orbital point at which a celestial object is furthest from the sun - she lights up. Mysterious, Aphélie is connected to the cosmos : subject to the laws of attraction, she makes one with nature.  Fragrance: Rose essence, green ivy, Blackcurrant bud, moss, Sandalwood, Tonka bean

Bruma contains a distinguished, almost animal-like sensuality. In the night, a feminine rider draws inner strength from the elements that surround her: her horse and the depth of the forest at night seem to give her a magnetic and carnal aura. Fragrance: Galbanum, Iris, Leather, Haitian vetiver

Révolution is a fragrance that permeates the skin, and builds up on human emotions throughout the day. It blends in, leaving an air of mystery and intrigue around the body. Fragrance: Cedar, Patchouli, Cade

Médie: A fresh citrus that runs on the skin, leaving a desirable trace of amber and leather on the surface. Fragrance: Citrus fruits, the very heart of grapefruit and mandarin combined with freshly cut Jasmine stems, aromatic woods and the warmth of incense.

Vixi: reveals the spiritual strength of a Nepalese sandalwood, the sacred nature of sage, the freshness of bitter orange petit grain natural oil and the flowery perfume of jasmine essence.

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