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Cloister Honey 3oz

Cloister Honey 3oz

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Sourwood We are definitely biased for this honey, it's our favorite... hands down.  Maybe it's because this varietal is made by our bees, on our land, in the mountains of North Carolina.  Or maybe it's because it lives up to its recognition of being one of the "best honeys in the world."  Regardless of the reason, the sourwood tree's delicious nectar represents our Appalachian Mountains well.  Light, sticky, velvety and warm - this is a seasonal honey.

Bourbon We believe that our food is only as good as the ingredients used, which is why we pair our favorite bourbon, Woodford Reserve, with the best natural raw honey in the Carolinas, ours.  Enjoy the smooth and sweet taste of honey with a hint of bourbon. Some things get better with age and this is one of them.  

Cinnamon Voted as "Fan Favorite" each year since 2010, our Whipped Honey with Cinnamon is loved by all.  We use smooth Korinje cinnamon to create a spread willing to take on maple syrup in a head-to-head battle for breakfast.  Robust, aromatic, earthy and warm.   

Ghost Pepper -This is not your average raw honey. Everyone knows that guy ... brother-in-law, friend, uncle ... that douses everything in Sriracha. No flavor too big, no hot sauce too scary for him to try.  Our Whipped Honey with Ghost Pepper will let you go along for the ride. Don't let the name fool you - the flavor here is complex: savory with a nice sting of heat.  

Salted - Also known as caramel’s hipster twin sister, Salted Honey is the newest addition to the Cloister Honey family. Dreamy wildflower florals and a pinch of sea salt give this savory honey spread a personality all of its own. She plays well with others

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