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Kashwére Baby Socks Set

Kashwére Baby Socks Set

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Woven from our heavenly-soft and plush Chenilla™ yarn, this sock set is sure to keep you baby’s toes nice and toasty. Our Kashwére baby socks feature a crème-colored scalloped trim that can also be folded to create the cutest cuff. The sweet, scalloped detail is knit by hand making this sock set extra special! One thing is certain, these fluffy socks are so soft and comfortable that you’ll need an extra pair. That’s why we’ve made them available in packs of two! The Kashwére Baby Sock Sets are also the perfect add-on to any baby gift for an extra wow-factor. Pair them with a matching baby blanket and cap combination or with the classic Baby Bear Onesie. This sock set is also designed to be machine washed and dried. No need to cry over spilt milk! Accidents happen and these socks are meant to be well loved.

About This Product

  • Detailed with a scalloped trim
  • Material: Chenilla™
  • Weave: Plush
  • Easy Care: Get the feel of cashmere without the fuss

Even our Kashwére baby products boast easy care instructions you can count on. Kashwére’s Chenilla™ yarn is specifically designed to be machine washable and dryable, so you can easily add caring for your new Baby Sock Set into your usual laundry routine. Simply machine wash on cold, then toss it in the dryer on low-medium with like colors to return it to its original softness – No worries about pilling or shrinking here! To preserve the product’s longevity, do not iron or bleach.

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