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Take Two Coffee

Take Two Coffee

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Ethiopia-This lovely funky offering hails from the Gedeo region of Ethiopia from the washing station of Worka Sakaro. Easily our favorite offering at this time with a bright mouthfeel and tasking like starfruit, grape, and green apple.

Guatemala-This great workhorse is the crowd pleaser!  This will keep every variety of coffee drinker MORE than happy. It hails from Guatemala in the San Marcos region from the farm of Nueva Grenada.  It has a heavy mouthfeel, with notes of bakers chocolate, and hazelnut.

Columbia-Located in Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, La Reserva exemplifies the struggle that is coffee farming, but also a sign of what’s possible with perseverance. The 400 hectare farm is split between two areas, and nearly half this land is within a protected nature preserve and is home for a wide diversity of plants and animals, including the endangered Andean Bear. The other half of the land lies on its own and has seen its fair share of challenges, as the previous owners were unable to maintain it due to insufficient profit from low coffee prices.

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