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The Art of the Board

The Art of the Board

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With Olivia Carney’s friendly guidance, you’ll go from hopeless host to host with the most—one salami rose at a time.

With over 75 seasonally inspired, approachable snack boards, recipes, and cocktails, The Art of the Board has all you need for fun, stress-free entertaining year-round. Packed with tips, tricks, and ideas, you’ll be inspired to whip up your next snack board masterpiece—whether it’s creatively plating your Thanksgiving leftovers to impress your family or wowing your friends with your knowledge of fancy cheese and charcuterie.

Not sure where to start? No problem! The in-depth introduction walks you through equipment and ingredients, and the Hopeless Hostess Appendix covers everything from Board Care 101 to step-by-step explanations and photographs that show how to bring your skills to the next level. There’s even helpful suggestions to make your cheese plates travel-friendly so you never arrive empty-handed. And since each board is labeled with difficulty level, approximate cost, and dietary accommodations, you’ll always find a showstopper to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Olivia Carney is a New Jersey–based food influencer and content creator. She daylights as a marketing director for a global healthcare company and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in business administration from Pennsylvania State University. As the founder of a community for charcuterie and snack board lovers across the globe, her mission is to share her passion for food boards in a way that encourages creativity and connectedness with loved ones. She’s had the pleasure of partnering with brands such as Harry & David®, Pottery Barn®, and Marshalls, among others, and has been featured in Gotham magazine, Coastal Style magazine, and PopSugar. She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and currently resides in North Jersey.

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